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Before first use

For the cor­rect func­tion­a­lity of WordBrief© 365 a spe­ci­ally pre­pared docu­ment tem­p­late (*.dotx) must be crea­ted or used. By default, the "WordBrief 365 Dokumentvorlage.dotx" sam­ple tem­p­late included in the scope of deli­very is pre­con­fi­gu­red as an example.
Based on the sel­ec­ted Word docu­ment tem­p­late, a docu­ment is crea­ted. In order to create a let­ter, cer­tain book­marks must be pre­sent in the tem­p­late. These book­marks are auto­ma­ti­cally acces­sed by WordBrief© 365 and fil­led with the rele­vant data:

  • Adresse
  • Anrede
  • Betreff
  • Datum
  • Text

Please note: Since the soft­ware is initi­ally pro­grammed in German, the German desi­gna­ti­ons must be used here for the above-men­tio­ned book­marks. In the above given order, the trans­la­ted names of the book­marks are "Address", "Salutation", "Subject", "Date", and "Text". The names of the sam­ple files are also based on the German ori­gin and "Brief" stands for letter.

The sam­ple tem­pla­tes included in the scope of deli­very can also be reu­sed after your own indi­vi­dual adapt­a­tion. The file name of a tem­p­late can also be ren­a­med as desi­red. You will find these in your Word default user tem­p­late direc­tory (the first time you start Word with WordBrief© 365, the sam­ple tem­pla­tes are extra­c­ted to the directory).

IMPORTANT: The sam­ple tem­pla­tes con­tain a form/shape (Text Box) in which text for the address is auto­ma­ti­cally ente­red and in which the book­mark Adresse is loca­ted. This text box must not be remo­ved and must have the name "Adressfeld". Otherwise an error occurs and WordBrief© 365 does not ope­rate as expec­ted. Keep this text box if you want to cus­to­mize and use the sam­ple tem­p­late. Otherwise, you would have to manu­ally assign the name "Adressfeld" to a new text box after inser­ting it and define the book­mark Adresse in it.

If you are using a new docu­ment tem­p­late: Insert only one text box and rename it using Microsoft® Word's Visual Basic Editor (acces­si­ble using the short­cut [ALT]+[F11]), before inser­ting addi­tio­nal text boxes into the tem­p­late. Via the Immediate Window (Menu View) and the fol­lo­wing entry in it, the requi­red name "Adressfeld" can be defined:

Word.ActiveDocument.Shapes(1).Name = "Adressfeld"

Confirm this entry with the Enter.


After suc­cessful instal­la­tion of WordBrief©365 you will find the rib­bon "WordBrief" in Word. This rib­bon con­ta­ins the but­tons Options, Manual, Info and Task Pane, which show or hide a task pane in Word.

Using WordBrief© 365 is child's play. Within the task pane shown here, eit­her enter the desi­red data manu­ally or click on "Select Outlook cont­act" and then sel­ect one of your cont­acts from Microsoft® Outlook. The lat­ter func­tion­a­lity is only available if a ver­sion of Microsoft® Outlook is instal­led and a pro­file is con­fi­gu­red for.

By sel­ec­ting the docu­ment tem­p­late, you can also sel­ect ano­ther alter­na­tive tem­p­late for crea­ting a let­ter, which is dif­fe­rent from the stan­dard tem­p­late for WordBrief© 365. The last tem­p­late used here will be used as the stan­dard in the future and will be pre­set in the form.

Note: The infor­ma­tion used for the reci­pi­ent must con­tain cer­tain man­da­tory fields in order to use a cor­rect let­ter address. No let­ter can be addres­sed wit­hout sur­name, street, ZIP code and city. If neces­sary infor­ma­tion is miss­ing, WordBrief© 365 will point this out to you. You will also receive a mes­sage if you have fai­led to create a blank docu­ment in which the infor­ma­tion can be inser­ted. Please also note that infor­ma­tion in the cur­rent docu­ment is always over­writ­ten by cli­cking on "Create document".

If you want to start ente­ring new data, click "Reset form" and the form will be reset to the default.

By cli­cking on the "Create docu­ment" but­ton, the pre­viously sel­ec­ted docu­ment tem­p­late is auto­ma­ti­cally inser­ted into the cur­rent docu­ment and fil­led with the sel­ec­ted infor­ma­tion. You can then start wri­ting your text directly.





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